scripture gallery

These are hand-done pieces, unless otherwise stated. They are not prints.

Each one is hand-done, from beginning to end, especially for you.

(These are just a sampling of the many scriptures I have done.  These are shown as examples;

I am happy to design and letter any scripture or passage of your choice.)

New Creature

"New Creature"

The perfect reminder for a new believer....

or one who has believed for many years....that by

God's grace through faith, he or she is now regenerated,

truly a "new creature", restored to fellowship with the Father,

all sin forgiven. Butterflies outlined in gold, or choose silver if you prefer.
Choose your own colors.

Double matted, shown in burgundy and gold, 11 X 14.

Item SG127....$88.95 includes double mats.

For This Reason

"For This Reason: Ephesians 3:14-19"

Watercolored parchment-look background with exquisitely detailed lettering

and artwork combined with a scripture that is uplifting, exhorting, and

encouraging. Completely hand-done.

Double matted in burgundy and gold, or custom designed in the colors

of your choice.

11 X 14.Item SG192...$125.00 includes double mats.

When I Sing to You

"When I Sing to You"

Beautiful dogwood and bluebirds

make this an exquisite hand-done piece.

Double matted in peach with gold inner mat; 11 X 14.

Item SG122...$88.95 includes double mats.

Fly Away

"Fly Away"

Morning glories and mourning doves

done on the same order as the above design;

this is piece of artwork to be treasured.

Hand-done calligraphy and art.
Double matted in blue with gold inner mat; 11 X 14.

Item SG123...$88.95 includes double mats.

Through Christ scripture art

"Through Christ"

A scripture to remember with every breath.

Hand-done calligraphy and art. Shown in white mat. Specify your color choice.

Double matted size 8 X 10.

Item SG116...$54.95 includes mats in your color choices. 

Think On These Things

"Think On These Things"

A beautiful reminder on how to keep our minds pure. Watercolor wash background; gold or silver accents. Hand-done calligraphy and artwork.

Double matted size, 11 X 14

Item SG124...$88.95, double matted in your color choices.

The Lord is My Strength scripture art

"The Lord is My Strength";br>

Decorated lettering includes gold

and colored inks to make a unique statement of faith.

double matted with red inner mat and navy outer mat;

specify the colors you want and either gold or silver leaf accents.

Hand-done calligraphy.

Double matted size, 16 X 20.

Item SG113...$125.00 includes double mats.

The Lord Bless You: Numbers 6

"The Lord Bless You"

A powerful and comforting scripture for loved ones. Hand-done calligraphy

and artwork; antique "parchment" look watercolor wash; gold accented

border and title.

Double matted size, 11 X 14

Item SG119...$68.95, double matted in your color choices.



His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me!

A very important reminder that He is Victor in all our trials.


Shown double matted with navy inner mat

and hunter green outer mat; specify if you need a color change.

Hand-done calligraphy and art.

Double-matted size 11 X 14.

Item SG118...$98.95 includes double mats.  

Jeremian 15

"Jeremiah 15:16"

A constant reminder of the importance of

knowing and living according to God's Holy Word.

Hand-done calligraphy and art. Double-matted, 11 X 14.

Item SG126...$58.95 includes double mats.

A Light Unto My Path"A Light Unto My Path"

A daily reminder that in the Word of God is perfect guidance.

Creamy gold parchment wash background;

hand-done calligraphy and art with beautiful touches of gold.

Shown double matted with hunter green inner mat

and burgundy outer mat; specify if you need color changes in the mats and calligraphy.

Double-matted size, 11 X 14.

Item SG125...$68.95 includes double mats.


A reminder....The Lord God cleanses our hearts through Jesus Christ and makes it possible for us to walk in integrity

Creamy gold parchment wash background;

hand-done calligraphy and art with beautiful touches of gold.

Shown double matted, 11 X 14;

specify if you need color changes in the mats and calligraphy.

Item SG120...$68.95 includes double mats. 

Be Content...

"Be Content..."

Roses and lavender border this beautiful

scripture, reminding us of Who is in charge.

Hand-done calligraphy and art.

Double matted: burgundy with gold or

dark green with gold

size 11 X 14.

Item SG117...$78.95 includes double mats.

Psalm 34:7 scripture art "The Angel of the Lord"

This is a beautiful reminder

of the Lord's powerful watchcare

and protection. Available

with solid color chocolate, rust,

or burgundy mat.

Hand-done. Double-matted size 11 X 14.

Item SG110...$48.95 includes mat.  

Psalm 119:105 Bible verse in calligraphy

"Thy Word is a Lamp"

A constant and much-needed reminder

of the power of God's word in our lives.

Hand-done calligraphy and art.

Country blue or burgundy mat. (Colored

"Word" will match outer mat.)

Double-matted size 8 X 10.  Frame not included.

Item SG111....$54.95 includes mat.

Be Anxious For Nothing scripture art

"Be Anxious For Nothing"

Shown matted in hunter green;

specify your mat color choice.

Hand-done calligraphy and art.

Double-matted size 11 X 14.  Frame not included.

Item SG 112...$48.95 includes mats.

God is My Refuge scripture art

"God is My Refuge"

Mounted on navy or hunter green mat board.

Hand-colored calligraphy print.

Mounted on 5X7 mat, frame not included.

 Item SG114...$19.95 includes mat of your color choice. 

Faith, Hope, Love Bible verse in calligraphyFaith, Hope, Love"

But the greatest of these is love.

Shown in brown gouache; solid rust or brown mat.

Colors of your choice available upon request.

Hand-done calligraphy.

Double-matted size 8 X 10.

Item SG115...$48.95 includes mat.  

Let the Word of Christ...."The Word of Christ"

Hand-done piece on watercolored, mottled background with gold accents.

Wonderful centerpiece for the Christian family home; colors can be customized.

Size shown is 18 X 22, double matted. Matting shown is white outer, gold inner.

Item SG 128....$140.00 includes double matting Click here for a close-up.

And these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart;...and you shall write them
on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. Deuteronomy 6:6,9

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